• 1892

     Genuinely Brazilian, the mark Germani was born when immigrants come from Europe began the craft production of plain flour into a small mill of the “serra gaúcha”.

  • 1905

    The mill is rebuilt. Germani increase business, expands its product line.

  • 1950

     Germani increases the production of pasta and subsequently feed.

  • 1998

    Incorporated into the Francisco Stedile Group, arises Germani Alimentos Ltda. Germani Cereals Ltda. The company begins the sale of pasta, biscuits, snacks and flour under the brand name Germani, reunifying their origins.

  • 2006

     The Germani Foods acquires Filler and begins to sale its entire product line on the market.

  • 2011

    Germani Alimentos Ltda. centralizes its manufacturing operations of pasta, biscuits and snacks and also its administrative sector in Santa Cruz do Sul Keeping the manufacture and storage of wheat flour in Caxias do Sul.

  • 2012

    Germani Alimentos starts to commercialize the products of the brands Corsetti, Perdiz, Soberana, Cereal Vita, Real Vita and Mamy. The line of these brands disposes of several items of corn flour and cassava flour, lentils, corn porridges, peanuts, peas, barley, cereals, polentas, sago and others.