Champagne Biscuit

Called in France by Biscuits to La Cuillère, in Italy by Savoiardi, in England by Lady Fingers, the Champagne biscuit is ideal for your dessert.  

Assorted Biscuit

Assorted Germani brings a combination of delicious cookies, such as Ring-shaped with Icing biscuit, Buttery and Mini Maria, freshly baked for you and your guests.

Corn Bread

Sweet and crunchy, Corn Sweet biscuit Germani has the taste of home-made delicacies.

Ring-Shaped with Icing

Sweet and crunchy, covered with icing, Ring-shaped with icing sweet biscuit Germani is perfect to accompany your green tea with your friends.

Honey with Icing

Fluffy and ready to savor with a good company, Honey with icing sweet biscuit Germani is the perfect cookie to sweeten your day.


With cocoa recipe, the Chocolate Germani biscuit comes in a super crispy and flavorful tablet ready for you to delight.