Spaghetti with Eggs

The most traditional pasta of cookery. Curling the Spaghetti on the fork is a habit of savouring this cut of long yarnsround and thin wires in various places in the world, which you can also enjoy at home with the Spaghetti with Eggs Germani!

Linguine with Eggs

A pasta with long wires, similar to Spaguetti, Linguine with Eggs Germani is a cut originary from Genoa, in Italy. Its particularity is the flattened shape, which matches perfectly with a genoese pesto sauce and soft olive oil-based sauces and with seafood.

Penne with Eggs

Is named like Penne because its shape remember feather beak pens with a beveled tip. Inside, Penne Pasta with Eggs Germani have grooves that allow the sauce to invade and spread inside it, creating gastronomic experiences of seasonings and textures that make it even more palatable.

Fusilli with Eggs

One of the most appreciated cuts in the world. The spiral shape causes the sauce to be absorbed by the curves of the Fusilli Pasta with Eggs Germani, wrapping it with flavor in each fork.

Rigate Pasta with Eggs

In a straight tubular format, the Rigate Pasta with Eggs is ideal for succulent sauces, which pass through the dough, creating experiences of spices and textures that make it even more palatable.

Pasta for Lasagna

Lasagna Pasta With Eggs Germani is a practical option for your meal. Just mount the filling, take it straight to the oven and taste the main course.

Alphabet with Eggs

Your meal can be delicious, nutritious and fun! The Alphabet with Eggs Germani brings the pasta in the form of letters for all children to join at the table and have fun with the taste of childhood.

Conchiglie with Eggs

One of the preferred formats in the world! The little Conchigllie with Eggs Germani is great to be stuffed with sauces, because it keeps inside the whole flavour of the condiments.

Conch with Eggs

One of the most appreciated cuts at the table! Thanks to its ability to retain the sauce, the Caramujo Germani with eggs is suitable for any condiment, the simple and even the most elaborate.

Tortilhone with Eggs

Also known as caracolinho, the Elbow with Eggs Germani has the shape of a twisted straw. It is perfect for accommodating creamy or fluid sauces, which enter through its orifice and pass through the dough through its grooves, emphasizing the flavor of the condiments. 

Angel's Hair with Eggs

Pasta of long and golden strand of thin and elegant thickness, the Tagliatelle With Eggs looks amazing with soups and soft-tasting preparations.

Talharim With Eggs

Also called taglierini, the Medium Fettuccine With Eggs Germani comes in long wide wrapped nesting yarns, ideal for delicate sauces.

Mini Parafuso With Eggs

One of the most appreciated cuts in the world. The spiral shape causes the sauce to be absorbed by the curves of the Mini Fusilli Pasta with Eggs Germani, wrapping it with flavor in each fork .