Quality policy:

 To ensure the quality of their food Germani has a program of evaluation and qualification, which conducts audits to ensure that their suppliers of raw materials meet the expectations of security and reliability required by the company. Furthermore, the Germani analysis laboratories which have their products subjected to physical testing chemical, microbiological and rheological. In these laboratories are analyzed and all wheat flour produced, checked patterns and color, moisture resistance, absorption, particle size, among others.

With this strict quality control, technology and the whole tradition behind the brands Germani, Filler and Sulina Germani Food companies are expanding. The Germani believes that customer satisfaction and employee commitment is also essential for obtaining a quality product. Thus, the company develops activities and motivational programs, as well as constant training, involving all staff in the pursuit of excellence.

Thanks to all these factors, Germani Foods is now highlighted in the segment of pasta, snack foods. Product quality and consumer satisfaction are the focus of the company, which invests in improving its manufacturing processes and developing new products within the highest standards of quality control, as well as the qualification of its staff, its assets more valuable.


The Program 8 senses (8'S) is an improvement of the Program 5 senses (5'S), a Japanese methodology of work allied to the quality. He takes as an objective the improvement of habits and behaviours, from the education, qualification and training of the wrapped ones.

He is based on the constant improvement and on the search of the complete satisfaction on all the processes, from the harvest from the raw material up to the moment in which he reaches the table of a consumer. Positive results are looked, I eat: otimização of the space and of the time, conservation of the materials, elimination of the wastes, qualification of the professionals, improvements in the human relations, understanding of the longings of the internal clients, the incentive to the creativity, the increase of the productivity and the constant improvements in the capacity of the products and services. In the search to reach these results, it is claimed that all the collaborators form a group joined with vision of result. In the Germani Alimentos there are responsible auditors.

What are the 8's:

SEIRI (Sense Disposal Organization), SEITON (Sense of Order, Housekeeping), SEISO - (Sense Cleaning), SEIKETSU (Sense of Health), SHITSUKE (Sense of Discipline), SHIKARI YARO (Sense of Determination), SHIDO (sense of Education, Training) and SETSUYAKU (sense of Economics).