Solidarity Action Heart Happy

Through the Partnership Action project the company divides this social responsibility with its employees giving monthly number of community institutions to be benefited from the donation of products. We believe that everyone's involvement is crucial to minimize social inequalities and promote a just society. The Food Germani also benefits many other organizations and charities through donations coordinated by their Service Department. Hundreds of pounds of food each year transferred.



Happy Heart Program for Humanization

Germani invests in health and well being of what it considers its most valuable employees. Thinking about the company implemented the Happy Heart Program, a project to develop a culture of humanization in the workplace, through the redemption values, understanding and emotional aspects of respect and recognition of all human dimensions.

The program happy heart, has a group of humanization, consisting of colleagues from different sectors that promote integration between the actions of employees, developing projects and seeking humanization strategies that encourage participation. The program also develops activities focused on fun and recreation and health programs and counseling for employees, through symposiums and training programs, goals and results, also provides space necessary for the employee to develop their ideas, suggestions and criticisms , providing opportunities for growth with the company. This way the company values ??most responsible for its growth. In each product, the satisfaction of the Germani and his collaborators present.